Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some fun stuff

Baby Loves Watercolour Crayons!

I don't pose these, I swear.  I do leave the weirdest things on the couch though!

Another new page:

Lots going on here... It's going to have some serious journaling in the little transparency pocket.

And last, but not least:

I found this jem from 2002 in an old journal I used to keep that documented all my new supplies, and how I tried them out.  I guess I've been art journaling for awhile and didn't know it!

Good night everyone, Much Love!


  1. I LOVE this. Your art is amazing :-)

  2. You have some wonderful journal pages!!!

    Love the cat photos!! I have to be careful to not leave any yarn in the open. If I do I walk into a studio with it crisscrossed across the room!! :)

  3. Love your new pages Paula and Congratulations on getting your work into Somerset Journaling magazine!

  4. Great page, really like this one.

    Congrats on getting published. I suppose you'll be telling us when, hoiw, why, whatever. :)

  5. Cats are awesome, I love that ability to sleep anywhere and still look comfortable!
    I so love your art journal style, I've said it before but those layers kill me!!

  6. awww what a beautiful kitty :) they do love to sleep in the weirdest spots, eh? thanks for commenting on my blog!


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